SEN Secondary Teacher

You’re responsible for inspiring students’ interest in education, furthering their development, and teaching students with varying levels of SEN to the national curriculum. But you knew that bit. 

Here’s what you might not know:

  • You’ll teach SEN students on both a 1:1 basis and in full class groups.
  • You’ll bring a “hands on” approach, with a willingness to interact with young people and develop new skills.
  • For one-off or short-term assignments, you won’t always need to prepare lesson plans. But you should always be prepared to.
  • If it’s a long-term role, planning will almost definitely be your responsibility.
  • Marking and evaluating progress is required for all job lengths.
  • And always make sure you know and understand the policies of any school you teach at.

Beyond that, be yourself. 

Bring your passion and knowledge, and you’ll make a positive difference in your students’ lives. And know we’ll be with you every step of the way.