Humly is about you

Empowering educators and helping you find the classrooms and nurseries you belong in. And all on your terms. Here’s why.

Because we are you

In 2015, Kristoffer and Gustav, our Head of Product and CEO co-founded Humly in Gothenburg, Sweden. But before the C-Suite, they were college students and supply teachers, dealing with the same problems you face with agencies: the last-minute work calls, the calls that don’t come, the lack of power or say in your career, and so much more.

So they built a home where educators are as important as the job itself.

They built Humly, so you can have the power to choose when, where, and how much you work – simply and easily, without hassle. They built Humly so every eligible educator can find the classroom and nursery that’s right for them.

They built Humly for you.

Head of Product Kristoffer (left) and CEO Gustav (right).

We’re revolutionising supply education to work better for you

Total career control

Stop waiting on agencies to maybe call you. Find the jobs you want, when and where you want them.

At your fingertips

Our easy-to-use app connects you directly with every job you want. Instantly. But it does so much more.

On your terms

No one knows what you want and need better than you. Be in charge with Humly.

We’re not a Supply Agency – We’re Humly

With Humly, you’re connected directly with teaching and nursery jobs as they become available. And while we can’t guarantee you’ll get them all, you will see them. You will see more of them. And you’ll have the opportunity to book them, which is fair.

And how it should be.

Discover everything we can do for you

Find, choose, and book the teaching and nursery jobs that fit you.

Elev viskar i vikaries öra

Get instant and direct access to the best supply educators across the UK.

“We are on a mission to empower every eligible educator with full control of their career.”

Gustav Bild-Tofftin, Humly CEO


We work with over 23,000 dedicated teachers and nursery professionals. And growing.


In over 7,500 schools and nurseries. And growing


Throughout the UK & Sweden. So far…

And, together, we can help 69 million classrooms worldwide learn another day.