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less hassle.
The way it should be

Solving the supply puzzle

Humly knows what a great job supply teachers do. You step in to motivate and inspire pupils when regular teaching staff are unavailable. So we want to help you reach your full potential and find the jobs that best suit you.

Our app makes it simple for schools and supply teachers to find each other by matching teaching needs with teacher experience.


What can we do for you?

For supply teachers

For supply teachers

Stay flexible. Choose when and where you work in the app.

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For schools

For schools

Find out more on our dedicated page for schools.

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Get teaching, without the fuss!

Humly makes it easy to find supply teaching opportunities that match your skills and experience. It also makes it easy for you to do a great job – you’ll find all the details about the assignment and lots more neat features in the app.

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We launched back in September and are now growing the number of schools and teachers we work with. Please complete the detailed application form to apply to join Humly.

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