Find supply jobs that suit you. Near you

Humly makes it easy for you to make a difference in schools and nurseries near you, on your terms.


They decide what jobs you see and when you see them – last-minute, last-second, or not at all.


And if they do call, they expect you'll take whatever they offer.

Less, less

Agencies put agencies first, schools and nurseries second, and educators last and definitely least.

Join us and be directly connected with teaching and nursery jobs that fit you. Find, choose, and book the jobs you want from preferences you set in our app. Simple. Easy. Hassle free.

And while you won’t get every job you want every time, you’ll see them. You’ll see more of them. And you’ll always have the opportunity to book the jobs you want. That’s fair, and it puts you in charge.

The way it should be.


See every job you want to see the moment it’s available.

Elev viskar i vikaries öra


Pick the jobs that fit you best based on location, pay, and distance.


Isn’t it time you finally had a say in your own career? Join our revolution.

Anywhere in the UK, local to you

“I finally have the power to choose what I do. And not having to deal with the pressure of saying yes to last-minute job calls is a godsend.”

Kirstie, Primary Teacher

“I love the app. No more calling an agency. Or waiting for a call from them that may or may not come. Everything is right there, in your hand. Instantly!”

Reza, Nursery Educator

“ I can’t stand the freedom Humly gives me to find and book the jobs I want.”

No one, ever

“I prefer waiting around for calls that never come.”

Still no one, ever

“I miss the hassles. I miss the timesheets. I miss being late to work because of last-second calls.”

We’ve been hacked

There’s a big reason why we work to revolutionise education. You.

Elev viskar i vikaries öra

There’s a global education crisis on its way, and we plan to help.