You’ve been referred

You must have a really good friend

Because you just got referred to become a Humly educator, where we’ll empower you with full-career control.

  • Instantly see every available job you want to see with our next-gen app
  • Apply for any job you want
  • And book them all on your terms

We’ll put your career where it belongs – in your hands. And because your good friend referred you, we’re giving out a £100 bonus once you work just one day of a booking (to be paid the following Friday.)

They just might be your foe. Because they got to decide if you’ll get all of the £100 bonus, half of it, or none of it.

But the only way you’ll know if your friend or foe is to apply to Humly and find out.

Just make sure to apply using the same email address your friend sent this message to.

Here’s all you have to do

Step One

Apply to Humly with the same email address your friend (or foe) used to send this message to you.

Step Two

Work just one day of one booking and we'll pay the bonus the following Friday.

Step Three

Or not. Your friend might have kept it all for themself, but we'll let you know what they chose either way.