Whistleblowing Poilcy

Humly Ltd Whistleblowing Poilcy – last updated 2023-06-08


Humly’s whistleblowing  service provides an opportunity to report potential serious irregularities or violations of laws or other regulations that Humly is required to follow. Our whistleblowing service helps us to uphold good corporate governance and maintain public trust in us by addressing direct and potential risks early. We encourage reporting of violations through our internal whistleblowing system and to be able to do this freely and without fear of suffering a detriment or dismissal to enable us to eliminate and prevent wrongdoing or malpractice within the organisation.

We strive to do what’s right.

Humly aims to maintain an open climate and high ethics in what we do. Furthermore, Humly values the safety and respect of customers, employees, and partners affected by the organisation. To be able to report irregularities, we have a whistleblowing system whereby current and  former employees, consultants of our business, agency workers, customers, and others can report observations that are deemed unethical or illegal in relation to Humly’s policies and guidelines or current legislation.

The identity of the reporter will be kept confidential in follow-up and in case of questions and discussions in the case, unless Humly is required by law to disclose the identity of the reporter. In cases where the identity of the reporter needs to be disclosed, they will be informed of this. Humly guarantees that the reporter will not be at risk of reprisals as a consequence of the reporting, either at the time of the report or later.

When can you use the whistleblowing  service?

The whistleblowing service can be used to report suspicions about structural or temporary deviations from Humly’s values and ethical principles that could seriously affect our organisation. Even in the case of suspicion of direct illegal behaviour, Humly encourages you to report the observations immediately.

The following are examples of what may be considered whistleblower cases:

  • Crime or suspicion of a crime
  • Something that does not comply with Humly’s values
  • Someone’s Health and safety is in danger
  • Miscarriage of justice
  • Something that may constitute serious misconduct
  • Something that could seriously affect Humly’s organisation negatively
  • Someone is covering up any wrongdoing

Humly encourages reporting of concerns even if there is uncertainty about whether it should be reported or not. There does not need to be evidence for the reported matter, but all messages should be made in good faith.

How your message is handled

To ensure your anonymity, all cases are handled via a special communication channel to which only authorised independent parties have access. All messages are treated confidentially, and incoming cases are confirmed no later than 7 days after they are received.

All cases are investigated, and as a reporter, you have the right to feedback on how the case has been investigated and addressed no later than 3 months after the report was received.

After an investigation, only the information required by law is saved.

Raising your concerns 

To submit a case, answer the questions below in an email and send it to: whistleblowing@humly.io

Please describe your case as accurately as possible to facilitate our investigation.

What is your report about?

When did the incident happen?

Where did the incident happen?

Describe in detail what happened. 

If you want to report anonymously, write your report in such a way that you do

not reveal your identity. If you want to add an attachment to your email, it is important that you do not include sensitive personal information about the people you mention in your


Raising your concerns externally (exceptional cases)

If you have already submitted your report and you are dissatisfied with the handling, you have the option to report externally. To read more about external reporting and find out which authorities can handle your report, see here.

Public Concern at Work is a source of further information and advice. It also provides a free helpline offering confidential advice on 020 7404 6609. Further information is available on their website at www.pcaw.co.uk.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) also has a free helpline that you can contact for further advice. The ACAS telephone number is: 0300 123 1100 and the helpline is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm.The website can be found here: www.acas.org.uk


If you are a member of a recognised trade union, you can also seek information and advice from your trade union representative. 

If you have any queries about the application of this policy, please contact whistleblowing@humly.io in the first instance.

This policy does not form part of any contract; Humly Limited reserves the right to amend this policy at any time without prior notice.


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