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You only see the jobs that suit your profile and interests. Get the best match by selecting your favourite schools, geographical area, subjects and much more.

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Humly provides everything you need to know about your assignment via our app. Contact details, expected pay, school profile and other important information.

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You choose when and where you want to work. Select the assignments that suit you. Our app takes care of everything else.

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We want to make your job as enjoyable and meaningful as possible while taking away pointless fuss. Fill in your profile and the app takes away all of the time-consuming admin you have with other teaching agencies.

Support and learn

Work as a Teaching Assistant

As a Teaching assistant, it is your role to support, inspire and help children to learn as well as assisting the class teacher.  And with our on the job support, coaching and training, you keep learning too.

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An easier way to find Teacher Assistant jobs

Find teaching assistant jobs that suit you according to where, when and which age range you want to work with. We have roles in every subject with students of all ages. With Humly, you can go back to the schools and pupils you like, time and time again.

To be a teaching assistant with Humly you need…

To have experience of working with children

It is important that you have worked with children in the past. It is particularly good if this experience is teaching related e.g tutoring, volunteering at a school or coaching.


Often being a teaching assistant will mean supporting children who need some extra help, so you need to be patient and kind with them.

To be a cover supervisor it helps to have…

But is not required!

A qualification related to education

There are several qualifications that can help support you as a teaching assistant including: Level 2 or 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, Level 3 Diploma in Childcare or Education T level in Education.

The aim to work as a teacher

If you can show you are working towards a career in teaching and outline some of the steps you are taking to achieve that then that is helpful.


Smooth recruitment process

UK recruitment process

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We launched back in September and are now growing the number of schools and teachers we work with. Just click sign up below and fill in our short form if you are interested in working with us:

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