Welcome to Disloyalty

And everybody else does them. So we won’t. We’ll do something better.

Why? Because you shouldn’t owe an agency (or us) your loyalty. You should be loyal to you.

Think about it. Why would your agency pay you just to stay with them if they’re great? If they empower you to do what’s best for you?

Because they’re not and they don’t

Loyalty schemes are designed to keep you right where you are. Loyalty schemes are designed to stop you from looking and finding something better.

Loyalty schemes make you loyal to everyone but you.

So be disloyal

If you join Humly but feel we’re not a good fit, we’ll pay you to leave.

If we don’t empower you to find the jobs you want or work as much as you need, we’ll pay you £100 to be disloyal to us.

We’ll pay you to be loyal to you.

Here’s all you have to do

Step One

Apply to Humly. And upload a payslip within the last two months from your agency, along with the other application documents.

Step Two

Start working. Find, choose, and book the jobs you want on your terms.

Step Three

If we’re for you, brilliant. If not, we’ll part as friends and give you £100.

To qualify, you must work at least one job.

If you decide to quit Humly, and be loyal to you, it must be an active choice within two months of joining us.

If that time comes, complete the form below and repost our campaign video on your LinkedIn timeline.

While you don’t owe us loyalty, you do owe us professionalism. Unprofessional actions will disqualify you.

And that’s it. Go be disloyal.

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The Whiteboard

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Refer A Friend or Foe


Welcome to Refer a Friend or Foe

You’re in control

Everything we do at Humly is about giving you more power, choice, and opportunity. Our referral program is no different.

Because you probably have loads of brilliant educator friends who’d love to be empowered with full-career control at Humly.

And we’d love to give out loads of £100 bonuses.

Everything we do at Humly is about giving you more power, choice, and opportunity. Our referral program is no different. Because you probably have loads of brilliant educator friends who’d love to be empowered with full-career control at Humly.

And we’d love to give out loads of £100 bonuses.

You probably know educators who aren’t your besties, right? Maybe they’re an old colleague or classmate. Or maybe they’re your mortal enemy, and you’ve been waiting for the perfect chance to get your sweet, sweet revenge.

With Refer a Friend or Foe, you decide how the £100 bonus gets paid out. Give it all away? 50/50 split? Or keep it all for yourself?

Only the person you refer will know what you decide. They’ll know if you’re friend or foe.

How? Because we’ll tell them. It’s only fair that way. And so much more fun.

Here’s all you have to do

Step One

Fill out the form below, giving us the name and email of the educator you're referring.

Step Two

Choose how much of the bonus you'll keep –
Will you give it away? Split it 50/50? Or keep it for yourself? The choice is yours.

Step Three

Once they work just one day of a booking, we'll pay the bonus the following Friday.

Dame & Knight


Dame & Knight

We’re nominating every educator we can to be damed & knighted

How can the most important job be a thankless one? We think it’s because not enough people know just how much educators contribute and sacrifice every single day. But with your help that’s about to change. Join this project, share our petition, and help us make the most honourable profession in the world the most honoured one.

The facts

Your contribution

Educators contribute up to billions in unpaid overtime – each year.

Your sacrifices

Educators work the longest hours in the world, averaging over 12 hours per day.

Your results

Educators feel chronically overworked and consistently undervalued.

The truth

Your well-being

84% of educators feel overlooked and underappreciated.

Your burnout

Over half consider quitting.

Our loss

And up to 10% do quit – each year.

The consequences

There are over 350k brilliant, qualified educators doing something completely else. And those number are only going up. It’s time to show our educators how much we value them.

If you believe we can make a difference, help us spread the word and honour educators throughout the UK.

But maybe you don’t believe just yet. Maybe, facts alone aren’t enough. Maybe, you need more.

How about a knight’s duel?

We’re challenging the rich, famous, and powerful knights & dames of past and present to a good old-fashioned duel. We think if you flip the script, you’ll see that the work educators do easily wins the day.

But you can judge that for yourself.

The campaign


We work with brilliant, talented educators every day. So we see the challenges and frustrations they experience, feeling unvalued and overlooked. And we’re not OK with it. 

So we’re doing something about it.


But before we did anything, we asked every educator who works with us for permission to nominate them. Humly’s a team. And we do things together.

Their overwhelming response floored us: 99.7% said yes.

The Work

You’ve seen too much already. Besides, we can’t give away everything we’re up to just yet, can we?



But what we can say is this: we’re starting a conversation around how society views and values educators.

And we want it to be as loud as possible. But for that, we need you.

The campaign


We want you in this movement. Join our cause, share this petition, and add your voice to ours, supporting educators everywhere.

Who was the educator that changed your life?

We all have one, don’t we?

Someone who believed in you? Someone who helped you believe in you? Tell us about them. Let’s return the favour and honour them for helping you become all that you became.

We’re keeping a running tally of how many Dames & Knights we nominate in real time.

We're just getting started.

Gary: “This project makes me feel like I make a difference to young people's lives. I'm going back to work tomorrow with a spring in my step.”

You definitely make a difference, Gary. But the difference we’re after is changing your name to Sir Gary.

Samantha: "I wasn't expecting to be nominated for anything. I was a little surprised, but it's made my day."

Sayo: "This nomination fills me with a strong sense of pride. And it gives me a greater appreciation of my teaching career"

It’s you that gives us a sense of pride, Sayo (aka Sir Sayo, we hope.)

Help us share these nominations all the way to Buckingham Palace