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Access thousands of supply teachers and tutors straight in the app

Supply teaching as it should be

We know that schools are struggling to find the right supply teacher. It’s time-consuming. We think that’s wrong. There are thousands of people who want to make a difference for children and students when regular teachers are absent. Humly reduces the thresholds for schools to easily and quickly find a quality supply teacher with the push of a button.


Supply teachers when you need them

It can feel strange to manage all your supply via an app. Don’t worry. All supply teachers go through a solid recruitment process and maintain high quality. Following an extensive onboarding process that matches DfE requirements, Humly teachers receive job-specific training before entering the classroom.

The difference is that you get faster access to all available teachers out there. It’s when the digital meets the human that exciting things arise. Although matching and availability are handled via the app, you can always call or email us. We are there for you when the need arises.

Why work with Humly?

Save time

Humly’s digital platform is available 24/7 for schools to post new vacancies and recruit supply teachers. This direct contact with hundreds of educators also helps schools save up to 30 minutes every time they need to hire a supply teacher.

Take control

Our platform means that high-quality supply teachers are just a few clicks away. Your specific requirements are only sent to teachers who match your criteria. Schools can then choose the best match for your needs and budget!

Humly app

Save money

With fees typically 15% less than those of standard supply teaching agencies, working with Humly helps you focus your budget where it’s most needed. And our flexible, Pay As You Go option means that you only pay when a Humly teacher is appointed.

Quality guaranteed

All of our teachers go through an extensive recruitment process following DfE guidelines, as well as receiving practical classroom training before starting work. Humly Express also guarantees that we will fill your vacancies with an ideal candidate every time.

It’s easy to get started!

You are up and running in five minutes and can immediately connect your school to Humly’s platform. Does it feel uncertain? No problem, we will help you get started. Book a 30 min demo with us to gain in-depth knowledge of our digital marketplace and what it can do for you and your school.

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