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Meet the team!

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Meet our team 

Humly are currently rolling our service out to the British market. We have been around since 2015 and have successfully helped thousands of pre, primary and secondary schools around Sweden to fill vacancies when ordinary staff members are unavailable. 

We are excited to introduce some of our colleagues that will assist supply teachers and schools to conduct more teaching with less hassle using by our digital platform:

UK operations manager Jozef Humly

Meet Jozef Brodala – Operations Manager

My name is Jozef, I am the Operations Manager at Humly which means I get the opportunity to interview and then support all the wonderful supply teachers who sign up with Humly and want to make a difference in the classroom. 

I have already been in contact with over 200 prospective teachers and learning support staff. I am so excited to help them into the classroom. I have worked as a supply teacher and know the joys of having the ability to teach while having the flexibility to structure when I did and didn’t work. I also know the challenges that come with substitute teaching and my favourite part of my role at Humly is supporting teachers. I am always just a phone call or email away if any problems or issues arise and am always available for any questions about Humly or supply teaching!

To read more about becoming a supply teacher for Humly, click here.
Want to get in touch with Jozef? Send him an email.


UK Custumer success Manager Jonathan

Meet Jonathan Viner – Customer Success Manager

My name is Jonathan and I run UK sales for Humly. I talk to schools across London and the South East about their challenges in recruiting high-quality supply teachers and demonstrate how Humly can help.

Working at Humly is really motivating for me. Our work supporting schools enables them to stay fully staffed and to keep disruption to learning at minimum. I’m also proud that we can offer flexible and rewarding work for a wide range of teachers and learning support staff.

I’m always available for schools to contact with any questions about Humly or supply teacher recruitment. Please contact me anytime via email or phone.

To read more about Humly school offer, click here.
Want to get in touch with Jonathan? Send him an email.