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Upgrading to the next generation of supply education, with instant and direct access to brilliant educators who’ll meet all your needs the moment you need them, is as easy as One, Two, Three.
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Book a 30-min demo, and we’ll show you everything our revolutionary digital platform will do for you. Or contact us, and we’ll be happy to walk you through it all.


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What sets Humly apart is that we empower you. You decide how you want to harness our direct and instant access to over 23,000 brilliant educators in whatever way works best for you.

The power is yours. The choice is yours. Welcome to the Humly revolution.

"An absolute pleasure to work with. Humly are helpful, friendly, and always rise to the occasion when it's most needed.”

Sam – Nursery manager, West Midlands

“Humly’s ethos and values are exactly what you’d want. They’re professional, responsive, and develop relationships the right way.”

Elaine – School Business Manager, North Tyneside

“Humly consistently saves us a lot of time, effort and hassle. I’m grateful to have a reliable, trusted partner.”

Marc – Secondary Deputy Head, Newcastle

“My go-to supply partner. Competitive prices and good staff, what more could a business director ask for!”

Toni – Primary School Business Director, West Midlands

"Schools and nurseries still prefer supply agencies' cutting-edge early 90s technology to meet their needs."

What makes Humly better than a traditional supply agency?

It’s simple, really. Humly puts you in charge of your own career. We empower you to see every job that fits you, apply to them, and book them. All without pesky agency hassles.

Is there someone I can call at Humly if I need help?
Yes! There is always someone on the other end of the phone call during business hours when you need us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.
What are Humly's business hours?

7 am – 6 pm Monday – Friday. But when it comes to finding and booking the best educators, we have no business hours. Our digital platform and app is always open for business any time, day or night.

If I want the same educator to come back, what do I do?

Request that educator next time you book. They will get a push notification before everyone else and have at least 90 minutes to accept it. If you’ve already talked to them and know they can work the day suggested, make sure you write that in the booking. Then we can directly add them to the booking.