Humly Acquires Leading Education Staffing Business, M2

Humly Acquires Leading Education Staffing Business, M2

Preston 23.10.06 

In a move that underscores its commitment to empowering educators across the UK, Humly is excited to announce the acquisition of M2, one of North England’s premier education staffing businesses. Humly is proud to welcome the fifth acquired company into the family.  

This acquisition signifies our company’s ambitious expansion goals in the UK, giving educators more autonomy and expanding its influence in key regions. “M2 was a strategic choice for us”, states Gustav Bild-Tofftin, CEO at Humly. “Their well-established presence in both the North West and the North East of England, combined with their reputation as a well-run, quality-driven business, makes them a perfect fit for our ethos”.

Humly’s CEO further emphasised the synergy between the two entities: “When entering the UK market 2 years ago, we sought companies that shared our vision and had a robust foothold in strategic regions. This acquisition, our fifth in a series of successful mergers, sets the stage for remarkable success, bringing our innovative solutions to even more schools, nurseries, and educators”.

Adding to this sentiment, Alex Shanks, Head of M&A at Humly, who was closely involved in the acquisition process, remarked, “M2 is not just a solid business; it’s a dynamic entity that continues to evolve and adapt in the ever-changing educational landscape. Humly has a proven M&A strategy through four acquisitions in the UK to date, with a presence in many regional markets. M2 fits the acquisition strategy perfectly with their locations, teams, and culture”.     

Mark Birnie and Melissa Kumar founded M2, which has offices in Newcastle and Preston, and places teachers, teaching assistants, and tutors on a permanent and temporary basis into primary, secondary, and Special Education Needs (SEND) establishments. They focus on three regions, Newcastle, Cumbria, and Lancashire.

Mark Birnie and Melissa Kumar say: “We believe we have found the perfect match with Humly! Not only are we very culturally aligned, Humly has all the expertise and knowledge of technology in the education recruitment market that will work in synergy with M2’s well-established reputation to ensure an even more successful and efficient business where clients and candidates are at the forefront of everything we do. The future is very bright, as the world moves forward with technology, we will take the education recruitment industry to the next level with service, speed, and quality. We are excited to see M2 Education grow and the opportunities this brings to our staff to develop themselves further”

For further details about the acquisition or to delve deeper into Humly’s future endeavors in the UK, please reach out to:

Gustav Bild-Tofftin, CEO

About Humly 

Humly is the UK’s leading digital marketplace of supply teachers, empowering educators to control their resources. Humly is dedicated to bridging the supply gap to schools, nurseries, and educators across Sweden and the UK, including, Fareham, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester, and Newcastle. For further information about the team and upcoming highlights please see. 

About M2 

M2 Education is a specialist teaching agency that places Supply Teachers, Cover Supervisors, Tutors, Teaching Assistants, Nursery Nurses, and other supply staff for schools and other educational establishments across the North of England

We work with the world’s best app designer: You

We work with the world’s best app designer: You

Sure, we also work with talented developers, coders, UX and UI professionals to build the best app in supply education.

But everything they do starts with you and ends for you. Your glowing responses (thanks, by the way). Your constructive criticism (tough, but fair play). Your input.

It all comes together, creating the best possible experience for you (unless you’re not a Humly educator … yet.)

And now, we’re recreating it with the Humly app’s latest update.

Rewriting History

One of Humly’s core values is simplicity. We make things easy to understand and easy to do, so what you see is always what you get.

But thanks to your feedback, we realised we were falling short in how we communicate payment information.

Here’s what happened.

Our app doesn’t register last-minute cancellations, sickness pay, or other eleventh-hour adjustments that affect your actual pay. So this created differences between what the app communicated and what your payslip and bank account reflected.

And here’s how we fixed it.

The updated history view shows the days and hours you work and the actual amounts on your payslip. And it shows you the pay rate for each booking before and after the job starts.

“Our job is to make your life easier and better when using our platform,” said Humly Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Kristoffer Persson. “Nobody knows the challenges you face better than you, so the most important resource in building a better app will always be you,”

The updated history view simplifies things, ensuring what you see is always what you get you’re paid.

Keeping a high profile

Example image of our new app profile views.

Another one of our core values is efficiency. But with so many tasks, checks, and renewals you’re required to keep up-to-date as educators, it’s easy to lose sight of them all.

Until now.

The updated profile view gives you better control, ownership, and understanding of your data.

And by housing everything you need to keep track of post recruitment in one easy-to-access place, it makes it easier to keep on top of things.

Now, when a yearly task, such as Safeguarding, needs updating, you’ll know about it and what to do next within the app.

“Thanks to the data we get from talking and listening to educators, we’re able to grow and develop the Humly app so it always stays close to your needs. And it’s how we’ll always continue creating the best possible experience,” said Persson.

And all you need to do to get these new features is download our app update onto your mobile device.

So what’s next?

You tell us. What’s on your wish list? What can we do better?

Our doors are always open to make the Humly app what you need and more.

And we’re all ears.

Humly acquires Supply Teaching Ltd

Humly acquires Supply Teaching Ltd

Humly acquires Supply Teaching Ltd

Humly continues its growth journey and acquires the English staffing company Supply Teaching Ltd. Through the acquisition, the ambition is to grow the digital marketplace for temporary workers also in the English market. 

Humly has had strong growth in the Swedish market in the past five years. Through the self-developed digital marketplace for temporary workers, Humly helps around 40 municipalities and independent school organizations with their temporary worker procurement.

Humly’s vision is to release and highlight the potential of flexible trainers. Globally, there is a need for competent people in schools, even when regular teachers are absent. “Through the acquisition of Supply Teaching Ltd, our ambition and driving force is to also be able to help schools in England with their staffing through our digital marketplace, says Gustav Bild Tofftin, CEO at Humly.”  

Supply Teaching Ltd is based in Milton Keynes north of London and was founded in 2000. The company has a strong local connection and is the natural choice for the city’s schools’ supply of substitutes. Supply Teaching helps over 100 schools and, during its many years in the industry, has created a strong brand that characterizes high quality delivery.  

“Supply Teaching Ltd are very excited to be working with Humly. Both companies share the same values ​​that students’ education is a priority issue and to match the perfect teacher for every assignment in the school. This combined with a high level of compliance and the latest technology from Humly ensures that the combined companies will continue to grow and offer the best and most complete service to their customers, says Belinda Sparks, founder of Supply Teaching Ltd.” 

“The acquisition of Supply Teaching Ltd is a strategically important investment and a step for Humly to strengthen its position in the UK. We are very pleased to welcome Supply Teaching Ltd to the Humly team and are excited about the opportunities in the English market, says Eivind Bergsmyr, partner at Viking Venture.” 

There is great potential in the British market and we look forward to growing with the market and developing our offer through further acquisitions, concludes Gustav Bild Tofftin, CEO at Humly.