Union urges Education Secretary to intervene in teacher pay talks

Union urges Education Secretary to intervene in teacher pay talks

Union urges Education Secretary to intervene in teacher pay talks


A TEACHER’S union has urged Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville to intervene in pay talks.

Teachers have rejected a 5% pay offer from local authorities which has brought the prospect of strike action closer.

On Wednesday, the NASUWT urged the Education Secretary to get involved in pay talks.

Negotiations for teachers are currently handled by the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) – a tripartite body with representatives from the Scottish Government, teachers and councils.

NASUWT general secretary Dr Patrick Roach said: “It is extremely disappointing that despite our best efforts, the Cabinet Secretary has failed to prioritise talks to avert future industrial action in schools.

“The government and employers need to demonstrate that they are serious about addressing the deepening crisis in teacher morale, recruitment and retention.

“Nine out of 10 teachers are worried about their finances or taking on second and third jobs to make ends meet, using food banks, struggling with rent and mortgage costs, and using up their savings to pay monthly bills.

“The Scottish Government and the employers must stop taking the teaching profession for granted.”

Roach went on to say the union was acting “on the very clear mandate of our members to step up our campaign to secure a real-terms pay award for teachers”.

He added: “The latest pay cut proposals from the employers are an insult to the teaching profession.

“The continuing delays and procrastination by the Government and the employers are rubbing salt into the wounds.

“Teachers deserve better than this. Industrial action in schools will be the fault of Government and employers alone.”

Involvement from the Education Secretary would mark the second time in recent months where pay negotiations were subject to direct ministerial intervention.

The First Minister, in a bid to avert strike action from waste workers and non-teaching education staff, held marathon talks with unions and local authority body Cosla, eventually reaching a deal that saw walkouts cancelled.

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “Strikes are in no one’s interest – least of all pupils, parents and carers who have already faced significant disruption over the past three years.

“The Cabinet Secretary holds regular meetings with all teachers’ unions to discuss a range of issues, including pay. These meetings have taken place over the last week, with more talks scheduled next week, which will include the NASUWT.

“This Government has a strong record of support for teachers and are proud to have the best paid workforce of anywhere in the UK. It is disappointing that unions have rejected the latest pay offer. Accepting the offer of 5% would have meant that teachers received a cumulative pay increase of 21.8% since 2018.

“We are absolutely committed to supporting a fair pay offer for teachers through the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers, the body that negotiates teachers’ pay and conditions of service.

“It is for local authorities, as the employer, to make a revised pay offer.”

Humly acquires Supply Teaching Ltd

Humly acquires Supply Teaching Ltd

Humly acquires Supply Teaching Ltd

Humly continues its growth journey and acquires the English staffing company Supply Teaching Ltd. Through the acquisition, the ambition is to grow the digital marketplace for temporary workers also in the English market. 

Humly has had strong growth in the Swedish market in the past five years. Through the self-developed digital marketplace for temporary workers, Humly helps around 40 municipalities and independent school organizations with their temporary worker procurement.

Humly’s vision is to release and highlight the potential of flexible trainers. Globally, there is a need for competent people in schools, even when regular teachers are absent. “Through the acquisition of Supply Teaching Ltd, our ambition and driving force is to also be able to help schools in England with their staffing through our digital marketplace, says Gustav Bild Tofftin, CEO at Humly.”  

Supply Teaching Ltd is based in Milton Keynes north of London and was founded in 2000. The company has a strong local connection and is the natural choice for the city’s schools’ supply of substitutes. Supply Teaching helps over 100 schools and, during its many years in the industry, has created a strong brand that characterizes high quality delivery.  

“Supply Teaching Ltd are very excited to be working with Humly. Both companies share the same values ​​that students’ education is a priority issue and to match the perfect teacher for every assignment in the school. This combined with a high level of compliance and the latest technology from Humly ensures that the combined companies will continue to grow and offer the best and most complete service to their customers, says Belinda Sparks, founder of Supply Teaching Ltd.” 

“The acquisition of Supply Teaching Ltd is a strategically important investment and a step for Humly to strengthen its position in the UK. We are very pleased to welcome Supply Teaching Ltd to the Humly team and are excited about the opportunities in the English market, says Eivind Bergsmyr, partner at Viking Venture.” 

There is great potential in the British market and we look forward to growing with the market and developing our offer through further acquisitions, concludes Gustav Bild Tofftin, CEO at Humly.