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More about Bedfordshire

There are +613 nurseries, primary and secondary schools across Bedfordshire. And every one of them will hire a supply teacher, nursery practitioner and SEN specialist to help educate the +121,600 children in the area.

We can help you get those jobs.


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Work/life with Humly is different. And better

Because we want to make your life/work. We’re not a supply agency. We revolutionise how you connect and work with primary schools, so it’s always on your terms.

We’re empowering you with total career control of when, where, and how much you work – quickly and easily through our app. Are you ready for better?

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Supply agencies decide what jobs you get, when, or if at all. No more. With Humly, you’re in charge. Set your preferences in our app, and see every job that fits you – every time.

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Pick the jobs you want based on what matters most to you: location, pay, a school or role you like, and more. The power of choice is now yours.

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No more waiting for last-second work calls. No more uncertainty about where you’re working. Be empowered, and put your career in your hands – where it belongs.

Without pointless hassles

Our platform takes care of all your admin. No more timesheets. No more jumping through agency hoops. Get back to what you were born to do. Teaching.

“I finally have the power to choose what I do. And not having to deal with the pressure of saying yes to last-minute job calls is a godsend.”

Kirstie, Primary Teacher

“Nothing compares to having the freedom to see every job, choose the ones I want, and book them when I want.”

Sue, Primary Teacher

“ I can’t stand the freedom Humly gives me to find and book the jobs I want.”

No one, ever

“I prefer waiting around for calls that never come.”

Still no one, ever

“I miss the hassles. I miss the timesheets. I miss being late to work because of last-second calls.”

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What you’ll need to work with us

QTS and a teacher reference number


Or experience in an educational environment


Passion, confidence, and the belief you deserve more

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We work with over 7,500 UK schools and nurseries. And they’re all hiring.


The instant a job that fits you is available, you'll see it. Did you book it already?


Our calendar views help you visualise your work life as your schedule fills up.


Your career belongs in your hands. Set your preferences and book jobs that fit you.


From North Pass to Humly Academy, we offer programs to help you grow your skills.


Sure, our app powers an educational revolution – only because it's so easy to use.

There's a big reason why we work to revolutionise education. You.

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There's a global education crisis on its way, and we plan to help.