We work with the world’s best app designer: You

2nd October 2023

Sure, we also work with talented developers, coders, UX and UI professionals to build the best app in supply education.

But everything they do starts with you and ends for you. Your glowing responses (thanks, by the way). Your constructive criticism (tough, but fair play). Your input.

It all comes together, creating the best possible experience for you (unless you’re not a Humly educator … yet.)

And now, we’re recreating it with the Humly app’s latest update.

Rewriting History

One of Humly’s core values is simplicity. We make things easy to understand and easy to do, so what you see is always what you get.

But thanks to your feedback, we realised we were falling short in how we communicate payment information.

Here’s what happened.

Our app doesn’t register last-minute cancellations, sickness pay, or other eleventh-hour adjustments that affect your actual pay. So this created differences between what the app communicated and what your payslip and bank account reflected.

And here’s how we fixed it.

The updated history view shows the days and hours you work and the actual amounts on your payslip. And it shows you the pay rate for each booking before and after the job starts.

“Our job is to make your life easier and better when using our platform,” said Humly Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Kristoffer Persson. “Nobody knows the challenges you face better than you, so the most important resource in building a better app will always be you,”

The updated history view simplifies things, ensuring what you see is always what you get you’re paid.

Keeping a high profile

Example image of our new app profile views.

Another one of our core values is efficiency. But with so many tasks, checks, and renewals you’re required to keep up-to-date as educators, it’s easy to lose sight of them all.

Until now.

The updated profile view gives you better control, ownership, and understanding of your data.

And by housing everything you need to keep track of post recruitment in one easy-to-access place, it makes it easier to keep on top of things.

Now, when a yearly task, such as Safeguarding, needs updating, you’ll know about it and what to do next within the app.

“Thanks to the data we get from talking and listening to educators, we’re able to grow and develop the Humly app so it always stays close to your needs. And it’s how we’ll always continue creating the best possible experience,” said Persson.

And all you need to do to get these new features is download our app update onto your mobile device.

So what’s next?

You tell us. What’s on your wish list? What can we do better?

Our doors are always open to make the Humly app what you need and more.

And we’re all ears.

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