Humly introduces first-of-its-kind referral program

Humly | UK

3rd August 2023

We’re thrilled to launch a new referral program that empowers our educators to introduce the Humly way of doing things to more people than ever before. 

But everyone’s got a referral scheme, and they’re all the same.

So we changed the game and put you in control.

You see, every referral program ever designed encourages you to refer your friends. But just your friends. 

Why is that?

You know people that aren’t your besties, right? Maybe they’re an acquaintance, colleague, or old-classmate. Or maybe they’re your mortal enemy, and you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get your sweet, sweet revenge.

The point is nobody has ever been crazy enough to encourage you to refer non-friends before…until now.

Introducing Refer a Friend or Foe

Like everything we do at Humly, Refer a Friend or Foe puts the power of choice in your hands. 

You decide who your friends and foes are because you decide how the £100 bonus gets paid out:

  • Keep it all for yourself? Cheeky
  •  50/50 split? Fair play
  •  Or give it all to them? Best. Friend. Ever

And all the referred educator has to do is join Humly, work just one day of one booking, and we’ll pay out the bonus the following Friday.

Simple, right?

Only there’s a catch 

And it’s a good one.

Your friend or foe will know what you chose. They’ll know if you gave them everything, split it 50/50, or kept it all for yourself.


Because we’ll tell them, of course. It’s only fair that way – and so much more fun. So whether you plan to keep the bonus or just have a laugh with friends, the truth will come out.

But however you decide, the point is you get to decide.

With our referral program the power of choice is yours

Is Refer a Friend or Foe a bit subversive? Sure.

Will it destroy lifelong friendships across the UK? We hope not!

But that’s not what it’s really about.

Because we didn’t set out to just create a unique referral program. We set out to create one that embodies Humly’s purpose: Empowering you.

Underneath it all, Refer a Friend or Foe doubles down on our effort to give educators full-career control – that’s the Humly way. By putting you in charge of your work life, it helps make your life work.

Because when you get to do what’s best for you, you do what’s best for you.

So keep friends. Make foes. Earn money.

And have fun.

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