Our newest app update is a total game changer

31st May 2023

Bold claim? Sure. 

But keep reading, and you’ll see how we back up every word of it.

Our latest update allows any educator applying to Humly to now find, choose, and even book long-term jobs during your recruitment. Meaning you can book your first job before we’ve hired you.

Our Proof is the Pudding

For supply educators, you never really know what kinds of opportunities are out there for you. You pick a supply agency (or five), cross your fingers, and hope they’ll have enough consistent work for you. And you’re forced to hope because they don’t show you all the jobs you could book.

That’s not how Humly works.

The Humly way is about empowering you. Giving you complete choice, complete transparency, and complete say in your career. And with this update, that starts before we’ve even hired you.

You don’t have to hope there will be great opportunities for you. You can simply see them for yourself. Our proof isn’t in the pudding, it is the pudding.

The Details

After downloading our app, just click on the Find jobs tab to see all long-term opportunities and apply for the available jobs you want. You’ll still need to finish your recruitment to keep these bookings and also to unlock access to all of our available short-term jobs.

We think you should know what you’re signing up for before you sign-up for it. But this access also helps you get used to the Humly way of doing things, so you’re ready once you’re through recruitment.

You can use more features sooner, set up your profile and preferences right away, add your profile picture, and get familiar with the other app features.

The Bigger Picture

But what we love most about this change is that it goes against the way things work. And how they’ve always worked. Which, to us, usually means it goes towards the way things should work. The way things need to work to work best for the people who do all of the work.


Why force you to wait a single second –  or for an interview, or for references to clear, or background checks, or all the steps you have to take before you can start working –  to see all the opportunities available to you right now? 

There isn’t a good answer to that question. 

But with Humly, there’s an update to it.

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