Finding and booking Long-term jobs is now easier than ever

6th March 2023

Finding and booking Long-term jobs is now easier than ever

At Humly, we always work to improve how we empower our educators. 

That’s why we’ve built six strategic hubs across the UK to grow our footprint and the network of schools and nurseries where our educators find work. And it’s why we constantly update our revolutionary app to make it easier, better, and simpler for our educators to find the best work.

That’s why Humly is the next generation of supply education. We focus on what’s next. We build what’s next. Then we make what’s next, what’s now.

Well, it’s now again.

“When we update our app, it’s to solve user problems, improve usability, and to create a smooth digital experience. The new Long-term job update does it all. It simplifies how our educators find these great opportunities,” said Humly Head of Product Kristoffer Persson.

We’ve just made it simpler and faster for our educators, or anyone who wants to join the Humly revolution, to find and book the Long-term jobs they want. 

Here’s how.

How the new update works for you

  • Update: To access the new feature, first update the Humly app via the App Store or Google Play.
  • Activation: Then switch on Long-term jobs and Permanent jobs within your Work Preferences
  • Navigation: Press the Find Jobs tab in the bottom menu, and you will now see the earliest available Long-term job at the top, plus a view all button underneath. Short-term jobs are listed below this.
  • Design details: The job details view has an updated and simplified look and feel, including job title, hours, pay rate and location, all within a sleek visual card. And the new user experience dynamic makes finding and booking Long-term jobs straightforward.
  • Contact info: We’ve also added a quick access Humly contact menu within the process. Simply press the email icon to get in touch.

One downside of supply education has always been the lack of guaranteed work. It’s simply the nature of supply. But with Humly’s revolutionary platform we’re making that downside more and more nonexistent. 

Our educators can already find every available job that fits their preferences and schedule the moment they become available. And with this new update, we’ve made it easier to find and book long-term roles that help our educators find the guaranteed work they want.

“We believe this update makes it easier for our educators to find and book longer-term jobs. It signposts them to relevant, local opportunities. And it simplifies the steps for them to get the information they need to book them,” said Humly UX Designer Hanna White.

Being the next generation of supply education goes beyond simply creating and building the best supply company, the best technology and the best tools – though that bit is a lot of fun. It’s really about why we built it all in the first place – to help make nursery practitioners and teachers as important as the job itself.

We’re not just building the next generation of supply education. We’re building a better generation. 

And we’ll keep building it. 

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