Top 5 Tips to Launch or Relaunch Your Supply Education Career

Top 5 Tips to Launch or Relaunch Your Supply Education Career

Education is more than just a job. It’s a calling. 

It’s a career where you change lives, grow the future generations, and shape and mould human beings. But also, it’s still a job. 

And like any other job, there are smart steps you can take to set yourself up for success. So rather than keep them to ourselves, we’re sharing with you the top five tips to become a successful supply educator. 


1 – Determine your goals

Before you start looking for supply education jobs, decide what you’re looking for. Do you want to work with a specific age group or subject area? Do you want to work in a particular location or type of school or nursery? Knowing your goals in the beginning will help you narrow down your search to find the best fit for you.


2 – Research your options

For over 30 years, agencies were the only game in town for supply educators to find jobs in the UK. They’re the middlemen between you and schools or nurseries. When a job opens up, they decide which educator gets the opportunity to book it. Agencies have all of the power. Not very fair, is it? Humly isn’t an agency.

Because with Humly, you have all of the power. You’ll find, choose, and book the jobs that fit you. We’re revolutionising supply education by empowering you with complete career control.

You’ll be directly connected to every school and nursery you want to work with through our digital platform. When a job opens up that fits what you want to do, you’ll instantly see it and be able to apply for it – all on your terms. 

Do your research and find which way of working works best for you.


3 – Consider your availability

As a supply educator, finding work is a numbers game. So one of your most important abilities will always be your availability. 

But that’s why the Humly way of doing things is such an advantage for educators. You’ll instantly see every job opening that fits your schedule and preferences, whatever they are. This lets you maximise every opportunity the moment it comes. 

With agencies, your career is in their hands. 

We think it belongs in yours.


4 – Network

Getting a job is often all about who you know. Some studies say up to 85% of all jobs get filled through networking. So, who do you know?

If your answer isn’t everyone, there are simple steps you can take to grow your network

Reach out to colleagues and ask if they know of any openings or contacts at schools and nurseries who would know. Join organisations and attend job fairs to meet other educators and learn about potential opportunities. These are all great strategies. 

But don’t forget you already have a leg up. Networking is all about knowing the right people, right? Well you know us, and we know everyone.


5 – Build your CV

Finally, make sure how you look on paper reflects how well you do the job in real life. Showcase your skills, experiences, and qualifications as an educator. And make sure to include relevant certifications or training, as well as any experience you have working with different age groups or subject areas.

And always keep your CV up to date as you progress and grow as an educator.


A bonus tip

Sure, finding the right supply education job can take some time and effort, but by starting with these tips, you will set yourself up for success. 

Or… you can join Humly. 

Because we’ll ensure your opportunities match your goals. We’ll empower you to find, choose, and book the jobs that fit you and how you want to work. We’ll be your network, your community, and help you grow professionally – all on your terms. And we’ll help you and your CV stand out for future employers.

With Humly, your career is always in the best hands – yours. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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