Introducing Humly Academy

25th January 2023

Humly launches a brand new development program with Humly Academy.

Humly Academy launches this week as a built-in feature available to our educators once they download the new app update. And it represents our next big step in revolutionising education.
Humly disrupts by empowering supply educators with total career control. But our revolution can’t just be about dramatically improving how educators find, choose, and book the best jobs. 

It must go beyond.

It has to include improving the work that happens outside the classrooms or nurseries for our educators. And with Humly Academy, it will.

“The academy will give access to courses and learning paths, in a fun and simple way, to empower and propel our educators daily,” said Humly Co-founder and Head of Product Kristoffer Persson.

And while there are many benefits of making Humly Academy an in-app feature versus an online experience, one stands apart: It gives our educators another tool that helps them do what they love right at their fingertips.

“Currently, Humly Academy offers a free and great Safeguarding Training educators can take to renew their Safeguarding Declaration each year, earning a certificate upon completing the course,” said Persson.

But that’s just step-one.

The ultimate vision for Humly Academy is to become a hub where supply educators can have the room and space they want to grow professionally – on their terms. And it’s something that’s needed.

Full-time educators have an advantage. They work in a static environment. Their schools or nurseries become their communities, their tribes, offering easy access to mentors and continuing professional development where they can grow and progress. 

But supply educators are often nomadic, tribeless. And because of that, they miss out on these fundamental growth opportunities. Humly Academy aims to change that.

“Humly Academy is for educators. Our hope is to build it together, grow it together, and make it all it needs to be for them and more,” said Persson.

It will give supply educators the same kinds of opportunities full-timers get. And it will help grow Humly as more than just a partner to teachers and early years practitioners, but establish Humly as a fully realised third space.

A space where supply educators get more than an income, more than consistent work, more than full-career control and the freedoms that go with that. 

Humly can become a space for growth and community for all our educators.

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