Eyears is now Humly

28th November 2022

Humly Takes Its Next Big Step

In less than two years, Humly has gone from an international newcomer to a major player in the UK’s supply education sector. From building our brand off the power of a revolutionary digital platform, to strategically acquiring four UK agencies, it’s clear we’re going somewhere.

And we just took one step closer.

Last year’s Eyears acquisition has come full circle with the integration of the Birmingham-based agency into the Humly family, putting us in a position to take even bigger steps and leaps next year and beyond. 

“Over the last 18 months, we have completed four acquisitions, so we have been busy with migrations, and now it was Eyears’ turn. We focused on changing systems, integrating the Humly platform, rebranding, and preparing the organisations for the change,” said Humly Co-Founder and CEO Gustav Bild-Tofftin.

Unlike buying a home, there’s no such thing as a turnkey business. It’s an undertaking. An immense amount of work goes into bringing a whole company, with internal employees and external supply educators, into the fold under one unified vision. 

“First of all, we have to pay tribute to the team at Eyears. Going through an integration is not always easy, but the way they’ve done it is impressive,” said Humly CCO Kristoffer Hedram. 

And navigating the integration process is just as important for the acquired company and team members. Learning new processes and a different approach to the industry are all vital to a successful outcome. But when done right, the benefits can be exponential.

“Marrying our recruitment expertise with Humly’s innovative, market-leading digital platform will only enhance our reputation as a forward-thinking, fair and effective recruiter,” said Humly Regional Manager-Midlands Richard Smith.

The Bigger Picture

With the Eyears migration, Humly has planted its flag in the UK’s second-largest market, with a reach extending to other major cities and more exciting growth opportunities.

“It means a lot as we enter big, local markets like Birmingham, Bristol, and Manchester. It is a very positive landscape for Humly, where our strategy around winning educators is well in line with what schools and nurseries need,” said Bild-Tofftin.

And though acquiring companies and growing an international brand is exciting, it creates the challenge of maintaining a delicate balance between retaining invaluable institutional knowledge and local relationships – all while merging and growing into one Humly.

“Eyears had a positive impact on the supply industry for many years, helping schools and nurseries out in the best of ways. Even though we are rebranding to Humly, the same great people are still here to make a positive impact on educators, schools and nurseries,” said Hedram.

So when local schools and nurseries look to hire educators, they won’t feel they’re working with someone new but rather a trusted partner who’s now able to offer so much more.

“The Humly app is available 24/7 for schools and nurseries to post new vacancies and recruit. But we value the human touch too. Schools and nurseries can still call us and have a chat about a booking. Adding the Humly technology into the mix will create an even stronger value proposition going forward,” said Hedram.   

Perhaps the biggest, most exciting change will be for the teachers and nursery nurses migrating over to the Humly way of doing things. And for all the other supply educators in the area as well.

“We are excited to introduce the Humly app to educators. They can instantly access job opportunities in the palm of their hand. And they now have full control over when, where, and how much they want to work. All in one place,” said Hedram. 

And What Comes Next

As Humly’s digital platform modernises and improves how schools and nurseries connect with the best supply talent, it’s also making it easier and better for educators to find job roles that fit them. It’s a revolution through evolution.

“Digitalisation has become the standard within many industries. Supply teaching will get there as well, and we think that we are on the right track to improve the experience for schools, nurseries and educators with the introduction of our digital marketplace,” said Hedram.

And as Humly heads into 2023 with three integrations completed and one to go, we’ve positioned ourselves to access the markets we need to reach, empowered more educators than ever, grown our brand further, and ensured our ability to scale.

“We have amazing people with us on this journey of becoming the number one digital marketplace in the UK. And we’ve taken the steps we need to be the obvious choice for schools, nurseries and educators,” said Hedram.

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